Buds Burger Patties 2pcs (226g)

Buds Burger Patties 2pcs (226g)

These Australian-made patties have a meaty taste and texture. They are high in plant-proteins containing all essential amino acids.

  • 19.5g protein per serve
  • Gluten free
  • Non-GMO
  • Good source of fibre
  • Use within 7 days
  • Made in Australia


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Buds Burger Patties have a meaty taste and texture. These Australian-made patties are high in plant-proteins containing all essential amino acids. Buds Burger Patties are also gluten free and non-GMO.

About Buds
Buds say they exist for one reason: “to satisfy your primal urge to smash juicy flame-grilled meaty-feasts chock-full of scrumptious texture and unbelievable taste, but free from cruelty.”

These burger patties are their first product, but they have announced to introduce more meat alternatives, including sausages, mince and nuggets.

Buds is owned by All G Foods, “a feel-good food challenger from Australia” that aims to create “a positive food movement, dedicated to making food all good, for everyone and everything.”

Their mission is to take the weight and heartache out of feeding our beautiful planet. The answer is “delicious, nutritious, protein-packed and earth-friendly plant-based food.” All G believe “we can feed the earth. It can be delicious. And we can make it all good.”

Water, soy protein, canola oil, coconut oil, natural flavours,
thickener (methylcellulose), cultured dextrose, salt, dextrose,
potassium chloride, caramelised sugar, beetroot powder, potato starch, yeast extract, cocoa powder.

Allergens: contains soybeans.

Buds Burger Patties nutritional panel

1 review for Buds Burger Patties 2pcs (226g)

  1. Helen

    Buds burger patties are a new favourite for our family. We like to order the Truffle Buds burger meal kits every time when they come up – more for the patties themselves. Many vegan brands of patties we have tried but Buds burger patties are the King Kong of all for their great taste and texture, and low salt content. Even the carnivores of my extended family love to join us for our Buds burger lunches.

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