Our story

Food philosophy

Our recipes are packed with plant-based whole foods that allow you to thrive whatever situation life throws at you. We know we can all be too rushed, stressed and time poor. That’s why we created plant-based meal kits to be your food solution, so that you or your family’s health are never compromised and you can always eat healthy. Unlike other well-known meal kits, ours contain as little processed fats and refined sugar as possible, because we really do care about you.


We’ve chosen to collaborate closely with accredited nutritionists, professional chefs and work with local farmers to build real relationships with them, so that you can eat the freshest produce we can find. Our meals offer superior nutritional benefits, are totally delish and each week we plan meals to match seasonal produce for optimal benefits. We’re committed to supporting small and mid-size growers who are farming sustainably and who share our values.


From the moment we dreamt up creating this business we always knew from our recipes, to our packaging and supply chain, that we’d strive to be as sustainable as possible in everything we do. Our core value is “do the right thing”. We reduce the impact on animal suffering and the environment by offering a 100% plant-based menu. We make caring for our planet something that we can all participate in.

To keep our environmental footprint as small as possible, our packaging is as sustainable as possible. Not in theory, but in practice and we lower greenhouse gases by only ordering the quantities we need to fill your and other customers’ boxes and to eliminate supply-chain food waste.

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Just Add Vegan was founded by long- term vegans Padma Lianos and Arthur Voorwinden. They met in the UK in 2012, on the last day of a meditation course. At the time, Padma was living in the UK and Arthur in the Netherlands.

They had a shared passion for cooking and dreamed of starting their own vegan food business. But not just any business, instead one which could help create a happier, healthier and fairer world, through their love of sharing delicious plant-based food. In 2018 they quit their jobs, packed their suitcases and moved half-way around the world to Padma’s homeland of Australia to realize their dream.